That Awkward Moment When You Want to Care Really Really Badly

Dear UCTMASBPA (Unofficial Committee To Make America Stop Being Politically Apathetic),

I admire every single one of you. You have a lot on your plate. You’re the de facto marketing department for many other committees.

Among them: Haters of Obama’s Policies, Haters of Mitt Romney’s Policies, Haters of Anything Relevant to Mitt Romney, Haters of the 1% (But Also the 97%)(Because You’re The % Left Over), Haters of Haters of Mitt Romney, Haters Who Love Paul Ryan but Hate Mitt Romney, Haters Who Think At This Point Trump Would Have Made A Better Candidate, or just flat out Anarchists. These are very noble organizations, indeed! If I had the time to join, I would. I mean even NICKI MINAJ is rapping for you guys now!

The thing is, your Committee is right though. Amidst the advertising these organizations always throw at me, whether it is through Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Angry Debates in Journalism During Lunch or wherever, I should probably have an opinion. I should probably do something other than nod my head and/or share on Facebook what I find just funny, not what I may (gasp!!!) actually agree with.

When I went canvassing for the Democrats in the 10th grade back when Kitzhaber was pretty sure he wasn’t going to win governor, I didn’t know left from right (ha, get it) as I ambled aimlessly down the street. Yet the quality of my life wasn’t affected. All that was preventing me from being 100% happy was knowing if I didn’t start researching politics and getting in the know soon, I would probably fail AP Gov.

Two years later, I am more in the know after meeting some real (gasp!) Republicans who live outside of my Oregon bubble. And yet…I still…don’t care. I really don’t.

Tonight my Facebook newsfeed blew up with Some of your Excellent Committee Advocates:

One representative, UCTMASBPA N.I.: “Obama’s saving the big guns for later. Ya’ll don’t worry now.”

And yet another from A.N.: “Wow, Romney is really stepping up his game. Obama kind of underestimated him in my opinion. xD”

I’m really impressed. You may dislike the other candidate, but if anything, UCTMASBPA at least shares the same view that everyone not in UCTMASBPA should care about their opinions. Because if I joined UCTMASBPA, I know that expressing MY thoughts on Facebook, and putting MY official ballot in on November 6 is going to make a huge difference.

I know I could be the one vote that could make/break Obama’s chances! (I mean Romney. Did I say Obama? I meant to say Romney. Wait.)

Anyhow, for now, I’m gonna stay registered “Independent” on my Oregon driver’s license until I make up my mind. What with my parents getting it on 2 months too late, my one-vote-that-could-make/break-Obama-I-mean-Mitt’s-chances can’t be cast on November 6 anyhow.

Maybe by the time 2016 rolls around, I can go listen to your pleas about making Jim Lehrer the next president.

Then I can take his spot as Awesome Monitor and get a thousand and one Internet memes/a Twitter with 8,039 followers (as of 9:34PM 10/03/12) made about me. Except I’ll probably have less followers if you guys succeed at getting people off the fence.


(Forever Apathetic People)


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