Why Northwestern is my dream school

I want to attend to Northwestern in order to realize I am not a good writer.

With a ‘semiconductor chip-making’ corporation as the primary employer in my neck of the woods, many of my classmates have had goals to be engineers or computer scientists. Thus, I grew up the big fish in a small pond. I wrote 10 page stories when other struggled with 4. I breezed through my English classes with perfect scores on my grammar quizzes. I was the superstar when it came to writing. Thus, when I happened upon journalism as a potential career, I was thrilled. Where else could I combine my talent for writing, my hunger for fame, and my love of talking to people?

Then one day at the Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute, I got my first article back. My baby was bleeding with red penned battle wounds screaming ‘mediocrity’. That was what made me realize: the last 17 years of my life had been the ‘peace-time’ of journalism. In the real world, it would be war.

But if I keep up that mindset, that I am the very best I can be already, I am not going to get far in the industry. At journalism schools, you do have to have a certain amount of talent to succeed in their classes and programs. But where other than Medill can I find the other best college journalists in the nation all in one place? Even if I’m the smallest fish in the new-big pond of Northwestern, I will learn more from other people just as good at writing. I want to come to Northwestern to meet those people who think like me, but who are probably better than me.


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