Ya Don’t Say…

^Matthew Hussey, a brilliant life coach and mesmerizing speaker, speaks on how to Eliminate Procrastination.

…But if you watch the video and listen to his advice closely, disregarding that sexy accent, face, etc…you’ll come to realize. His solution is kind of a let-down.

PROCRASTINATION: that unfortunate condition you contract when you simply cannot bring yourself to care do any work. I’m sure Mr. Hussey was also suffering from this infection at the time of this video’s inception.

You see, Hussey, I read your dating advice book. It’s sheer genius. Yet this is not.

It’s like telling a fat person their options for getting healthy are: to lose weight?

Maybe you procrastinated on finding a real solution (I understand the pressure may be on seeing you’re a hot-shot speaker and all), so this procrastination is actually the result of the procrastination you yourself indulged in.

So what I want to say is: I am not taking advice from you again!!! (Oyet I’m also mildly surprised the bullsh*t solution actually does work)


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