“I’ve Never Seen a Diamond in the Flesh”

Yet most people are perfectly fine with that.

Diamonds are some of the most precious things in the world, having net worths that exceed iPhones or laptops or most technology readily available for consumption. But while most of us go our whole lives diamond-free, we are somehow unable to live without the significantly cheaper devices enabling us to access the relatively inexpensive sphere of social media. We don’t personally relate enough to the apparent joy of obtaining a so-called precious diamond to crave it.

So diamonds have a high monetary value, but a lesser social one. So more people want to be Mark Zuckerberg, than rule over an entire country as the powerful Queen of England. Is a diamond’s importance a social construct then, contingent on what class of society we are observing, and what level of Maslow’s hierarchy we are on?

You won’t always get to firsthand see or experience every thing of apparent value. But how do we define what separates certain urges from others?


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