A Winter of Social Norm Comprehension Pt 2: Googling your schoolmates

I’d like to know- is it socially acceptable to, in the midst of churning late-night insecurity, search “Firstname Lastname WordPress” of various upperclassmen you admire, stumble upon their blogs, and then let them know you thoroughly enjoyed reading them, therefore making the fact that you were literally low-key stalking them known?

…Asking for a friend.

No, I tell myself, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s not like you had to dig through the Google search results that hard, even. They obviously put up a blog (from two to three years ago…) for a reason! And left it up there for all to read!

Yet as I skim through the relatable sentiments and surprisingly well-expressed opinions, I wonder what the point of this exercise was. Was it to calm my anxiety about my current writing and experience being adequate and ‘on track’ to help me work for some bomb news outlets by the time I’m 21/22? Or was it some sort of urge to uncover what all those calm, put-together journalists were thinking and worrying about when they were my age, and rest assured that they faced the same fears and struggles?

As I finish scrolling and reluctantly close the tabs, planning to confess my sins when I see the aforementioned writing-crushes in three weeks, I decide it is perfectly okay to peruse the blogosphere for some sort of familiarity. It’s okay to aspire to be like and learn from those who’ve blazed a journalistic trail before you as a shining example.

Let’s just hope this stalking doesn’t morph into a New Year’s resolution to be clones of these admirable senior journos. Instead, it should affirm my own journalistic identity, the unique one I am already on my way to forging.

Happy 2014.


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