The Importance of Playlists


We can agree that one’s “Top 25 Most Played” songs consistently rotate.

You have solid songs that you constantly replay, over and over again. They have stayed with you over the years. When you first heard them, maybe you were instantly smitten with how they instantly appealed to you. Maybe you heard them a few times before, but then found yourself selecting them again and again until you realized you liked them.


What makes you like them? A variety of reasons. Maybe you get on with how good the instrumentals sound; when that song plays, everyone miraculously has a good time, cause it’s a song well-suited for pumping up a party, and/or has an attractive bassline.

Or maybe you find the lyrics appealing. Our society all too often values appearances; but what about these songs, the ones that make you think? The ones that speak to your heart? Don’t neglect a song that’s meaningful just because it isn’t catchy…

But don’t you love it when the tune and the lyrics combine to make you smile? Soon enough, those songs become your favorites. They’re at the top of your playlists. Every song has a different number of ‘times’ it’s played; in your mind, this indicates a hiearchy, of who is closest to you.


And then you have songs you don’t listen to anymore. They got crowded out by other songs on your playlist. Or maybe you got sick of them, or you legitimately forgot about them. Or listening to them brought up bad memories, and so you had to let them go.

Yet when you hear them again, you instantly remember the lyrics. You can hum the whole thing if you have to. The history sticks.


The lyrics are relevant here again: they tell stories while they tell histories. You don’t ever really forget a song once it’s stuck in your head at least once. You’ll recognize it if you hear it on the everyday radio ever again, or if you hear it on your friend’s playlist.

One of the only things constant about songs is that we’ll always find more and more of them. We’ll always find new songs that appeal to us, in different ways.


The other thing constant about songs is the way we relate to them is what changes most. If we have an unlimited capacity to remember lyrics and melodies, then what makes us neglect songs is simply us. New, shiny things may appeal to us too much.

Then again, everyone’s favorite songs list is a different length. But they all change, for different reasons. Some go away, and some don’t. Cherish the ones that don’t.


But yes, change is constant.

With songs, and so many other things.


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