College Student Moves to Sue Yik Yak After App Crashes In Middle Of Racist Tirade

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Mark Jones has reliably used Yik Yak many times to post about everything from post-Thanksgiving diarrhea to the perceived size of his teacher’s butt.

So when Jones took to the social media app to post his offensive but candid thoughts on the equality of black lives, he was devastated when the app crashed in the middle of his 2,000 character treatise on why black people shouldn’t “whine so much when they’re getting what’s been coming to them for hundreds of years.”

“At least, that’s what I thought I wrote,” Jones said. “Now, thanks to those piece of sh*t app developers, I’ll never be able to fully capture again the brilliance of what I had originally written.”

Now, Jones has declared  – over Facebook — that he will take legal action against the application for potential intended censorship.

“Yik Yak is normally so reliable,” Jones said. “I was about to say something poignantly political, and it chooses that very moment to stop working? It must be no coincidence. I’ve posted longer rants about how they need to take down the student center’s wheelchair ramp in the winter, and there was no problem.”

As of December 3, Jones had talked to his lawyer and was tweeting the fragments of his brilliant speech that he could remember.


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