Do you like Grand Forks?

soon i am going to bring a bottle of champagne with me to the flattest part of this place

This town

where the actual sun touches the actual horizon and it doesn’t get even a hint until dusky until 9:15 p.m

And the people share their PBR with you on a friday night 

you hear good book recommendations, gentle teasing, unified bitching about phenomenon that happen but never people, thoughtful thoughts ..

and you feel like you’ve found something for the first! time in your lifetime?

It doesn’t matter if you get a tattoo or bleach your hair or write for 3 hours or 3 minutes

“you’re still pretty autonomous for a person”

“The vanity of running away from home means finding a new one”

I can do anything

i can drive to canada, walk across the street and leave civilization

“I don’t need to be wanted”

not by the boys i left behind in stolen kisses and turned backs, the friends who never understood and laughed nervously, the professors who were quick to dismiss and wonder

Anyways? There’s a cute wreath in this remarkably decorated apartment for one

too bad mine is too temporary, my life is always too temporary for me to spend time hanging up posters to be torn down within the year..

I like you though. Your soft smile, your jovial laugh, your gentle pats on the shoulder, your sarcastic imploring of “the kitchen is a dance floor so go dance,” your jokes about acronyms and your compliments about my underage writing skills, can I please stay and keep discovering again, and discover

soon I will watch a sunset and listen to “New Slang”

And when the tears fall again I’ll turn on “Hopeless Wanderer”

And i can pass my bottle of champagne

Pass it to you, who I won’t bring back to Columbia Missourah

But hurrah anyway 🙂


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