A2 of the New York Times






No one is safe

“Readers dissatisfied with a response or concerned about the paper’s journalistic integrity may reach the public editor —

“You know what keeps me going? Even one of the best papers in the world makes mistakes.

They correct them. They move on.

Then again, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about making mistakes. You’re a reporter. Try to refrain from that. But… don’t dwell on it.”


The New York Times has 25+ pages in one edition. The errors take up one page.

And sure enough, once the wronged scan the page for their correction, they probably find it in their interest to still read a different page. One of the other 24.

There are 24 more pages to care about. The man who singles out the paper as “sucky” for that one page is nitpicky.

The man who refuses to read the paper ever again, over a singular error, may question the paper’s integrity.

Depending on the error’s gravity, maybe he’ll get over it and resubscribe. Maybe he’ll spend his life trying to blacklist the Times.

But the paper will still keep running. It has to.

Because at the end of the day, if the news was reported with the best journalistic integrity possible, maybe a trip-up or two is still worth it.

The New York Times may also keep running because that way, each day it wakes up and goes to press, it has the opportunity to do better than it did yesterday.


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