#ThrowBackThursday: The Long Term


“Often times, people state that the difference dividing the pros of personalities ‘rational’ and ‘impulsive-emotional’ is being able to weigh long term and short term benefits. Which is true- but only to a certain extent.

Indeed, the rational person may be able to think things through more thoroughly, and so be able to choose the option that will bring a future more consistent happiness, and the more impulsive person will probably choose whatever will bring them temporary happiness.

A lot of the time, the short-term option is the easier option to choose. You see more impulsive, emotional people choosing the short-term because even if for only one second in time, they believe that they will always feel the way they do. Rational people on the other hand, more often than not pride themselves on claiming they are able to see past temporary pain or simply repress it.

 Emotional people give in to their emotions more easily- but there is a balance where one can acknowledge he/she has emotions, but know that they should not dictate their choices. As for rational people, similar to the emotional having a predicament of balancing, rationals can become most ideal if they consistently overcome temptations of the other side and acknowledge that there are pros to the short-term that they at least somewhat desire.

It always really comes down to how strong the person choosing is, or at least how strong their will is. That is what makes success prolonged- and what doesn’t.”

Nice job, 16 year old Crys. I wonder how much of me has changed. I certainly seemed more analytical about life generalizations back then. Now I notice the same things but do not dwell on them as much.

I should change that.


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