A poem about you

It’s clear to me

That you’re a man of secrets

I knew you for a fleeting moment but it was intense enough — it was charged

It was a secret, a song whose melody I can still hum if I close my eyes

I carry my feelings in my back pocket

Just as I haven’t deleted the message I sent you

“I want you,” you had said. “Should I believe you?” I would have wondered

But just as you made everything in my life but you make sense, I finally made you

Make sense

And you, without a word, made your value to me make sense and fit,

that I should let you arrange me on your shelf

Save me and gaze at each other

Until the cold of December comes again

And I’m there, for you to come back and whistle the melody back

And I can hold you in my arms and caress your hair in my sleep

Memorize the texture of your skin and the warmth of your breath again

Hear you laugh softly and give you the gentle kiss you deserve

That you would wish me to give you when the time is right

A kiss of eternity

That lasts, past the night we shared last winter as it flits in and out of focus

I hope I’m not wrong, and if I’m not

This is the poem I wrote about you

A beautiful, fleeting mystery who bows in and out of my life in response to my will, lighting it up

One flicker at a time

I’m done trying to wait for you to capture me for yourself.

see you soon

I’m done trying to control you into a box.

see you soon

I want to be the one

To run at you and take your hand


Turn my best playful, despairingly enticing smile on you


Let my desire swell up and fill me as I hold you

Please let me be the flame that can burn brightly for you instead

So my fantasies can light up into reality

A reality I want us to be one in

I wish it were sooner


And thank you for existing.


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