A poem about meaning

I learned to transcribe in school

And I translated words — verbatim onto a page, stenographed for all to see

and when I listen to you, you when you were me all those years ago

I wonder in some universe where I’d be

if I’d chosen a route like yours

Probably wouldn’t have turned out as well as you.

I’m well enough, I tell myself but I’m even better

When I remember you exist

no matter where you are or go

I’m watching you always, subtly nudging you a sign of appreciation

my heart breaking to imagine you alone even in a crowd

and now I want to write original things

and transcribe meaning

Transcend distance

Words that will touch you and make you — everyone’s hero but nobody’s companion —

make you feel less alone and fight less alone

Not write things to merely express about me, a relatively insignificant part of this world

The hardened world that I see you have bore a cross for

and yearn

to try

to save

So let me help you.

Although there’s been silence

Maybe I can count on you once in a blue moon remembering my name

And if you happen upon anything meaningful I put out

Let me be of some consequence to your heart for a fleeting minute — if it has to be through your mind.

so WATCH THIS SPACE maybe I’ll learn something and maybe I’ll bring it to people and you’ll be one of those people and then you can forget me again

all I ask is

Please continue to shine

for it makes me smile

when your colors bring meaning

You strive for what inspires me

Your path currently can only coexist parallel to mine

Apart but joined in how we know how we must change the world

Keep finding meaning

And I can see at least you will change the world — I seek to mimic, in your neck of the woods, someday how you already strive toward it

You old soul

You beautiful soul

I wish you’d know how much your meaning




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