what i talk about over beers

As a journalist, I think that my job is to also be an interesting enough person for you to want to talk to me longer than 5 minutes; you can’t force a source to want to be your friend, but you can at least make sure you’re human enough for them to enjoy talking to you.

But even with a hard news background, I want to write and critically analyze how people, psychology, sociology, policy and contemporary culture intersect. Some of the best, most successful ventures are built on vulnerability — a foil to how our culture is currently profiting on fear.

Topics that interest me:

Jungian psychology 

The intersection of predestination and free will 

Political objectivity 

What’s on your Spotify playlist

Getting better at Mandarin * — I’ve translated an untitled project in which I interviewed a man who owned the only Chinese restaurant in a 4000-person town and a viral USA Today video.*

Educate me on:

Feminist theory

Foreign policy worldwide

The history of classic rock (i.e. I did not listen to ‘American’ music much until I was 12)

Our sad economy (and the full implications of libertarians and their views)

Cuss words in Korean, Spanish, Japanese