Hello, new friend!~ (no pressure.)

Welcome to my site. You can learn about me by looking at my resume, my blog or my well-curated playlist of best angsty songs from the late ’90s and early 2000’s.

I am based in Los Angeles and write for the Santa Clarita Valley Signal and Bustle.

I hail from Portland, Ore. originally, where I appreciated a liberal upbringing, but chose the Missouri School of Journalism to learn about life outside the bubble. Adventures in six cities over the last four years at major publications have given me more talking points with people. Now I’m hungry to expand my travels and knowledge throughout Southern California.

I pride myself on writing 120 wpm, overanalyzing the details of life (and death) and crafting abstract personal narratives. My dream journalistic story is researching what toothpaste brands the most powerful people in the world use, but I have yet to find a publication that cares.

If you want to make a new friend/contact/throw me a tip on those pastes, let’s talk over email, linkedin, or twitterEnglish or Mandarin works. (我的中文水平比你想象得高.)